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Lezyne RAP 6 Multi-Tool

item #LED005Z
Price: $14.95 Buy Lezyne RAP 6 Multi-Tool
Lezyne RAP 6 Multi-Tool
Lezyne RAP 6 Multi-Tool description:
The smallest of Lezyne's RAP Multi-Tools, the RAP 6 features several hex, Torx, and Phillips bits, which is just enough to tweak drivetrain and steering components. This means it'll ride along in jerseys, shorts, and rear saddle bags without sagging or bouncing around. Stamped aluminum side plates -- with bits wrapped around the pivots -- provide plenty of rigidity, allowing the RAP 6 to weigh in under the 80-gram mark. Constructed from forged, drawn, and nickel-plated CrV, the 3, 4, 5, and 6mm hex, T25 Torx, and Phillips screwdriver provide excellent purchase when making trailside adjustments and repairs.

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