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Lezyne Micro Color GPS HR Loaded Watch

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Lezyne Micro Color GPS HR Loaded Watch
Lezyne Micro Color GPS HR Loaded Watch description:
Though we're loathe to admit it, we aren't always gentle with our gear. We also don't always baby it the way that premium cycling kit necessarily warrants. That's why Lezyne's beat-the-hell-out-of-it design ethos makes the brand a popular favorite in the Competitive office. The Micro Color GPS HR Loaded Watch adapts that durable philosophy to life off the bike, too, letting us punish our gear through misuse, neglect, and the occasional catastrophic user error whether we're spinning wheels on asphalt and gravel or enjoying autumn's colors on a GPS-assisted mountain trek. And though we don't always take care of our gear the way we should, we do still expect it to take care of us. Lezyne includes two additional features here that help it do just that: a heart rate monitor and a full-color screen. The included Heart Rate Flow Monitor takes advantage of the Micro Color GPS Watch's Bluetooth capabilities to send biometric data from your chest to the display, and the unit's color screen means that the addition of heart rate data doesn't turn that display into an unintelligible pile of numbers. The color screen lets Lezyne code each data field with color, letting you quickly identify information at a glance so you can keep more attention on the road or trail and lessening the chance of the catastrophic user errors we mention above. Though its name suggests otherwise, the Micro Color GPS Watch enjoys an expanded list of features that put it on par with Lezyne's more robust GPS units. the Micro picks up features that the Macro drops, including Glonass connectivity, ANT+, and a built-in barometer and accelerometer. It still connects to the GPS network and broadcasts via Bluetooth, but the added features make it even more effective. This is especially true of the barometer and accelerometer, which reduce the dead spots and wonky readings that occasionally result when a handheld device is communicating on a sub-meter scale with a positioning satellite some 12,550 miles remo...

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