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Lezyne Micro GPS HR Loaded Watch

item #LED005S
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Lezyne Micro GPS HR Loaded Watch
Lezyne Micro GPS HR Loaded Watch description:
Like you, our lives in the outdoors extend beyond the saddle. Camping, hiking--whatever, we spend almost as much time on foot in the mountains of Northern Utah as we do on our bikes. Almost. Lezyne's Micro GPS HR Loaded Watch equips us for that lifestyle with a wrist-based GPS unit and an included heart rate monitor, giving us the flexibility to enjoy exploration by foot or bike but the glut of data we've come to expect for training. The included Heart Rate Flow Monitor takes advantage of the Micro GPS Watch's Bluetooth capabilities to send biometric data from your chest to the display, so you can track your effort during intervals on the bike or ignore it while taking in natural vistas on foot. Though its name suggests otherwise, the Micro GPS Watch enjoys an expanded list of features that put it on par with Lezyne's more robust GPS units. The Micro picks up features that the Macro drops, including Glonass connectivity, ANT+, and a built-in barometer and accelerometer. It still connects to the GPS network and broadcasts via Bluetooth, but the added features make it even more effective. This is especially true of the barometer and accelerometer, which reduce the dead spots and wonky readings that occasionally result when a handheld device is communicating on a sub-meter scale with a positioning satellite some 12,550 miles removed from your handlebars. By cleaning up the data, the Macro GPS provides more pinpoint accuracy; in a sport where centimeters often make the difference, that clean data matters. As with all of Lezyne's latest generation of GPS units, the Micro GPS Watch uses smartphones as portals to link up with Lezyne's new Ally app, which addresses one of the only critiques we had of the previous generations. By syncing with a smartphone via Ally, you're able to create or dial up pre-programmed routes. The Micro GPS will then give turn-by-turn directions to keep you on track, letting you switch your brain off and just ride, no stem notes required. If yo...

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