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Lezyne Super GPS HRSC Loaded Bike Computer

item #LED005Q
Price: $229.99 Buy Lezyne Super GPS HRSC Loaded Bike Computer
Lezyne Super GPS HRSC Loaded Bike Computer
Lezyne Super GPS HRSC Loaded Bike Computer description:
Lezyne's Super GPS HRSC Loaded Bike Computer combines three different pieces of cycling technology into one package. These include the Heart Rate Flow Sensor, the Speed Cadence Flow Sensor, and a Super GPS head unit in order to collect and display data from both. The Super GPS's utility doesn't end there, though, as its GPS/Glonass connectivity, ANT+ capabilities, and a new smartphone app all conspire to make the "Which computer should I get'" choice super simple. Like its predecessor, the new Super GPS still backs up its GPS/Glonass connection with some local readings from a built-in accelerometer and a barometer. The included heart rate monitor and speed/cadence sensor give away the Super GPS's returning Bluetooth compatibility, but it's also worth noting that the Super GPS still connects with ANT+ meters and monitors, too. Lezyne has made some big changes for the new model year, though, with the biggest being the addition of Lezyne's Ally app--a move that addresses one of the only critiques we had of the previous Super GPS. By syncing with a smartphone via Ally, you're able to dial up pre-programmed routes or create your own. The Super GPS will then give turn-by-turn directions to keep you on track, letting you turn your brain off and just ride. If you're into just free roaming, then a bread crumb feature maps your ride out to guide you back. On days when you've got the itch for competition, Lezyne Ally also lets the Super GPS display live segment updates. When paired with a smartphone, the only key difference between it and the (much) more expensive head units dominating the market is that it lacks a color touchscreen. If you're more into data and training than flash and shininess, that's a negligible sacrifice. In addition to Strava, Lezyne Ally autosyncs with popular third party sites like TrainingPeaks. It can also provide text and call notifications--but we'd just as soon avoid that particular feature while we're out on the bike. After we've returned an...

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