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Lezyne Super GPS HR Loaded Bike Computer

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Price: $189.99 Buy Lezyne Super GPS HR Loaded Bike Computer
Lezyne Super GPS HR Loaded Bike Computer
Lezyne Super GPS HR Loaded Bike Computer description:
The head unit market may be the only aspect of cycling that's more complicated than the ever shifting landscape of bottom bracket standards, but Lezyne declutters the field of choices with its Super HR Loaded Bike Computer. The Super GPS HR package includes two key elements: Lezyne's over-achieving Super GPS head unit and a Heart Rate Flow Sensor. The former sits on your handlebar, embarrassing more expensive GPS computers with an impressive body of functionality; the latter wraps around your chest, transmitting heart rate data to the Super GPS via wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Like its predecessor, the new Super GPS still backs up the usual GPS/Glonass connection with some local readings from a built-in accelerometer and a barometer. While the included heart rate monitor gives away the Super GPS's returning Bluetooth compatibility, it's worth noting that it also still connects with ANT+ meters and monitors, too. This effectively compiles all the ride, power, and biometric data you need in one, tidy package at the head of your cockpit. The biggest change for the new model year may well be the addition of Lezyne's Ally app, which addresses one of the only critiques we had of the previous Super GPS. By syncing with a smartphone via Ally, you're able to dial up pre-programmed routes or create your own. The Super GPS will then give turn-by-turn directions to keep you on track, letting you turn your brain off and just ride. If you're into just free roaming, then a bread crumb feature maps your ride out to guide you back. On days when you've got the itch for competition, Lezyne Ally also lets the Super GPS display live segment updates. When paired with a smartphone, the only key difference between it and the (much) more expensive head units dominating the market is that it lacks a color touchscreen. If you're more into data and training than flash and shininess, that's a negligible sacrifice. In addition to Strava, Lezyne Ally autosyncs with popular third party s...

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