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Lezyne Micro Color GPS Bike Computer

item #LED005L
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Lezyne Micro Color GPS Bike Computer
Lezyne Micro Color GPS Bike Computer description:
Lezyne has been in the GPS game for a full decade now, and it's celebrating with the launch of a completely revised line of devices whose minimalist footprint and function-first aesthetics have become the brand's hallmarks. Though the Micro Color GPS Bike Computer does incorporate a host of new features--not least of which being the colored screen--it does largely stick to that ethos by providing a landing spot for almost any monitors, sensors, and meters you've got mounted to your bike or person. It combines those head unit duties with the ability to map and track by satellite, making it a catch-all for terrestrial and celestial ride data. The Micro Color represents a slight departure from that understated approach to looks, though, as it incorporates a full color display. In our experience with the Micro Color, this helps to more easily identify information at a glance, as each different piece of data displays next to a colored symbol: power output is a yellow bolt, heart rate is a red cardioid shape, directions are divided between yellow arrows and distances and white narrativized instructions, etc. So though it does represent a departure, the addition of pigments to the Micro Color's screen is also a logical step in Lezyne's function-focused development philosophy. Though its name suggests otherwise, the Micro Color GPS enjoys an expanded list of features that put it on par with Lezyne's more robust GPS units. the Micro picks up features that the Macro drops, including Glonass connectivity, ANT+, and a built-in barometer and accelerometer. It still connects to the GPS network and broadcasts via Bluetooth, but the added features make it even more effective. This is especially true of the barometer and accelerometer, which reduce the dead spots and wonky readings that occasionally result when a handheld device is communicating on a sub-meter scale with a positioning satellite some 12,550 miles removed from your handlebars. By cleaning up the data, the Macro G...

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