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Lezyne Micro Drive 450XL Light

item #LED004X
Price: $49.99
Sale Price: $37.49
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Lezyne Micro Drive 450XL Light
Lezyne Micro Drive 450XL Light description:
Staying visible while night riding or commuting in low-light conditions is just as important as wearing a helmet. So the next time you duck out the door for a ride and need a little extra visibility, make sure you bring along the Lezyne Micro Drive 450XL Light. The Lezyne Micro Drive features a durable aluminum housing, which not only disperses heat and preserves battery loss, but also assures durability. Additionally, the Micro Drive is equipped with a rechargeable USB component, promoting longevity and adaptive performance, while the LED delivers up to 450 lumens. A silicone strap allows you to strap the light quickly and securely to round or aero bars.

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