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Lezyne LED KTV Drive Light Pair

item #LED004V
Price: $39.99
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Lezyne LED KTV Drive Light Pair
Lezyne LED KTV Drive Light Pair description:
Proper illumination is a key safety factor, but that doesn't mean you have to go around with a spotlight attached to the front of your bike. Well, thankfully, cycling-specific companies have made some pretty great strides in terms of technological advancement and Lezyne's LED KTV Drive Light Pair is evidence of such. To start, the KTV headlight and taillight feature a lightweight, durable composite housing material that disperses heat and is also waterproof and weatherproof to assure maximum performance and adaptability. In turn, this design feature better preserves battery life and bolsters the lights' durability. Meanwhile, the vertical housing configuration assures that you're able to install the light almost anywhere on the handlebar, without interfering with cables or other features. The respective bottoms (of the lights) can be easily removed to reveal a flip-out USB port, which is where lights receive their charging power. Not to mention, the silicone strap is designed to allow you to mount the lights virtually anywhere you'd like on your bike. And both the front and rear lights' lenses are tuned to provide 180-degrees of visibility, maintaining maximum safety from all angles, regardless of what mode you utilize.

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