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Lezyne LED KTV Drive Front Light

item #LED004T
Price: $22.99
Sale Price: $16.09
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Lezyne LED KTV Drive Front Light
Lezyne LED KTV Drive Front Light description:
Staying visible while riding in low-light conditions is just as important as wearing a helmet. Designed to help you stay well illuminated, the Lezyne LED KTV Drive Headlight is ideal for partially lit streets and will inevitably catch the attention of drivers. The LED light provides up to 70 lumens and is designed so it offers 180 degrees of visibility. The additional side lighting will be certainly difficult to miss in low-light situations, such as early bird commutes or late evening rambles home. An integrated USB stick means that the KTV Drive is USB rechargeable, so you can top it off at work or on campus between commutes, rides, or trips. Additionally, the KTV features a durable construction that disperses heat and provides water-resistant protection, so you can ride rain or shine.

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