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Lezyne Macro Drive Duo

item #LED003H
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Lezyne Macro Drive Duo
Lezyne Macro Drive Duo description:
If your training takes you out past sunset or before sunrise, or you think you may not make it back from your commute until after dark, then attach Lezyne's Macro Drive Duo to your helmet to ensure that you're visible to other road users from the front and from behind. Rather than requiring you to attach multiple lights to your bike, the Macro Drive is one unit that you can carry in a pocket and quickly attach at a stop light as dusk approaches. It contains a 400-lumen front light to illuminate the road and a 5-lumen rear light to help keep you seen. The CNC-machined aluminum body is durable enough to take on bumps and scrapes, while the included helmet mount ensures the light follows your line of sight while staying securely attached. Lezyne developed the lights to have side visibility as well, so while we wouldn't say you'll be visible from 360 degrees at all times, you'll be close. Choose from five modes on the front light and four on the rear, and when it's time to recharge, use the integrated USB plug or cables to recharge quickly and easily without worrying about buying new batteries.

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