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Lezyne Zecto Drive Light Pair

item #LED003E
Price: $67.99 Buy Lezyne Zecto Drive Light Pair
Lezyne Zecto Drive Light Pair
Lezyne Zecto Drive Light Pair description:
Lezyne decided not to include a deafening siren with the Zecto Drive Light, and that was a good decision. No one wants to be mistaken for a fire truck, and the three LED bulbs in each light are bright enough that there's no need for an audible alert, because everyone will see you coming before they can hear you. The Zecto offers 180-degree visibility, so you'll be seen from all sides, and the Maximum Optical Reflection beam helps you see and be seen more easily than other bike lights. Lezyne designed the mount to attach just about anywhere, and engineered the lights to be easily removable, so you can slip them off to prevent theft when you park your bike outside. Multiple flashing and steady modes let you choose the lighting you prefer, and you can easily recharge the Zecto using the included micro USB cable.

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