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Lezyne ABS Floor Pump Hose - STD

item #LED002G
Price: $18.99 Buy Lezyne ABS Floor Pump Hose - STD
Lezyne ABS Floor Pump Hose - STD
Lezyne ABS Floor Pump Hose - STD description:
The basic idea of a floor pump is pretty straightforward: a cylinder and a piston. Many manufacturers get this right, but few can match the reliability and innovation of Lezyne when it comes to hoses. If your hose or valve has failed -- or if you want to preempt that inevitable, ride-cancelling catastrophe -- then the ABS Floor Pump Hose may be your only hope. The hose terminates with Lezyne's ABS Flip-Thread Chuck, which screws into the hose and accommodates both Presta and Schrader valves. The Flip-Thread Chuck's ABS is a wee button on the unit's side that either releases hose pressure so you can gracefully remove it from the tube's valve (Presta) or bleeds pressure from the tube for exact PSI control (Schrader).

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