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Lezyne Valve Extender

item #LED0005
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Lezyne Valve Extender
Lezyne Valve Extender description:
Lezyne's Presta Valve Extenders function in two ways. First, they are long enough, 70mm, that you'll have a valve head sticking out of just about every deep-section wheel around. Second, they have a threaded top that makes it possible to screw on the Presta-side pump heads found on both Lezyne's mini pumps and their floor pumps. They are made of attractive CNC-machined aluminum for good looks and long life. They have wrench flats near the bottom to secure the extenders to the valves. And, if you want to use these extenders with a slip-fit head, or another brand of pump, they'll work well in these situations, too. Remember, do not remove the valve core from the base Presta valve when installing these extenders. The Lezyne Valve Extenders come as a pair, and are Silver.

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