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Lib Technologies Ramp Surfboard

item #LBT006K
Price: $699.95
Sale Price: $559.96
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Lib Technologies Ramp Surfboard
Lib Technologies Ramp Surfboard description:
Take your skate style to the surf with the freestyle-focused Lib Tech Ramp Surfboard. Offering a magically fast feel, this short and wide board features the lowest rocker of any Lib Tech board, and speedy Horsepower thumb tail, and a flipped full nose, making it ideal for aerials, acceleration, and spinning in small-to-medium waves. A lightweight, waterproof, and closed-cell alloy core wrapped in the durable and ding-resistant 2D2D Volcanic Basalt Honeycomb establishes the board as a durable and responsive instrument of gnar. The Maximum Intensity Leading Foil Fin System, along with a LVR43 High Rebound Matrix, create effortless glide through the water. Since no fin position is ideal for all conditions, Lib Tech created the Mo Box System that allows you to adjust your fins with just a few turns of the included Lib Tech fin key.

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