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Lib Technologies Megapow Ski

item #LBT004N
Price: $899.95
Sale Price: $539.97
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Lib Technologies Megapow Ski
Lib Technologies Megapow Ski description:
What do you get when you combine the wildest ideas of Baker's pro patrol, an infatuating asymmetrical shape, and a ludicrously fat waist' Meet the Lib Technologies Megapow Ski, your powder pipe dream come true. While these boats may have a staggering 137mm waist width, the zippy 18-meter turn radius thrives in tight trees and wide-open steeps alike. If there happens to be some blue rock underneath some wind-blown fluff, Lib Tech's signature Magne-Traction serrated edge technology gnashes its teeth like an angry honey badger and bites into the nastiest of snow conditions. The lively, lightweight, and sustainably harvested wood core is fortified with fiberglass and a low swing weight, so you can continue to push your limits riding white waves. They're about as close to wearing two snowboards as skis, so ride 'em while they're still legal at the closest skiers only resort.

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