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Leatt AirFit Lite 3DF Body Vest

item #LBR007P
Price: $189.95 Buy Leatt AirFit Lite 3DF Body Vest
Leatt AirFit Lite 3DF Body Vest
Leatt AirFit Lite 3DF Body Vest description:
It's not even mid-day yet, and the heat is already starting to get intense. Instead of canceling your ride or hitting the trail shirtless (not recommended), reach for the Leatt AirFit Lite 3DF Body Vest to stay safe and comfortable during sweltering summer rides. Moisture-wicking and exceptionally breathable fabrics pull sweat off your skin and allow air to flow through so you don't overheat on the trail. Meanwhile, 3DF foam offers a soft, flexible feel so you stay mobile when racing around berms and flying over gaps. However, the foam hardens instantly upon impact to protect your chest and back from any potential diggers you might take. It's also equipped with anti-odor technology so your car doesn't reek on the drive home from the trail.

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