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Leatt 3.0 Knee & Shin Guard

item #LBR004X
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Leatt 3.0 Knee & Shin Guard
Leatt 3.0 Knee & Shin Guard description:
Let's face it, downhill racing isn't exactly the safest sport on the planet, considering you're pummeling over gnarly boulders, taking hairpin corners, and flying over sketchy gaps at speeds usually associated with licensed vehicles. Satisfy your insatiable thirst for all-out speed with the essential downhill protection of the Leatt 3. 0 Knee & Shin Guard. Its relatively low-profile shape tucks underneath your downhill pants without sticking out like a sore thumb while hook-and-loops straps maintain a secure fit at high speeds. The 3. 0 Knee & Shin Guard is CE-certified for peace of mind when a downhill crash could spell disaster for your racing season and overall bodily functioning. It's constructed from a two-in-one combo of ventilated hardshell placed over a softer impact foam, giving you optimal flexibility with sturdier reinforcement from the harshest of spills. The hardshell takes the brunt of high-speed crashes, with the softer foam hardening upon impact to absorb residual forces from damaging your knees and shins. And because the hardshell pads are ventilated, you'll notice a drastic improvement in comfort over your non-ventilated pads on those sweltering summer days at the resort.

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