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Lafuma Evolution Recliner Chair

item #LAF000T
Price: $319.95 Buy Lafuma Evolution Recliner Chair
Lafuma Evolution Recliner Chair
Lafuma Evolution Recliner Chair description:
Sit back and relax in the Lafuma Evolution Recliner Chair after a tiring day running, hiking, or mountain biking. The Evolution features a comfort-forward construction thanks to its Zero Gravity design. A burly steel frame supports up to 310lb, and multiple reclining positions ensure you'll be able to lock in the perfect comfort zone by the fire, pool, or lake. Ergonomically contoured armrests provide a comfy home for your forearms, while the adjustable and removable headrest cushions your noggin and increases your cranial well-being. You can painlessly remove the fabric to wash it after too many chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker concoctions have made a mess of it.

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