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Kuat Trio Fork Mount Roof System

item #KUA000M
Price: $209.00 Buy Kuat Trio Fork Mount Roof System
Kuat Trio Fork Mount Roof System
Kuat Trio Fork Mount Roof System description:
We won't say that Kuat makes the best bike racks out there, but we see more than a few of them and think that popularity probably speaks for itself. Take the Trio Fork Mount Roof System, for example. Most fork-mounted racks only really work with quick-release axles--although a dedicated rider can fandangle a thru-axle workaround--but the Trio has a special design that holds quick-releases and thru-axles with equal ease and security. It's also compatible 9mm, 15mm, and 20mm axles, so it'll hold just about any bike in your fleet. You can even get a separate accessory that lets you mount up your fat bike. There's an integrated cable lock, too, which locks the frame and rear wheel to the rack so you can grab a gas station coffee without worrying about your ride getting lifted.

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