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KS Zeta Dropper Seatpost

item #KSS000B
Price: $395.00 Buy KS Zeta Dropper Seatpost
KS Zeta Dropper Seatpost
KS Zeta Dropper Seatpost description:
Shaking things up, KS took the formula for mountain bike droppers and brought it to your road bike in the form of the Zeta Dropper Seatpost. Yes, you read that right--a dropper for road bikes. Compared to other droppers in the KS catalog, the KS Zeta has a discreet, minimal appearance that might make you forget it's even there. Constructed with strong yet light alloy, the Zeta is cut-to-fit to accomodate rider height and features either 35 or 50mm of travel. Then, Integra cable routing tucks everything neatly into your bike's frame, while the carbon fiber remote quickly and easily mounts to drop bars for added convenience.

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