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KS LEV-272 Dropper Seatpost

item #KSS0009
Price: $425.00
Sale Price: $345.99
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KS LEV-272 Dropper Seatpost
KS LEV-272 Dropper Seatpost description:
Apart from, say, wheels, handlebars, and a saddle, there's no more important piece for an enduro or trail bike than a dropper post, and there's no better dropper than the KS LEV-272 Dropper Seatpost. Pretty simply, hammering through up-and-down terrain is just a chore without one. KS has been making the LEV series since before you knew mountain biking was a thing, and the LEV-272, while meant for smaller 27. 2mm seat tubes, packs the full suite of tech that KS has been fine-tuning for years. Of course, the LEV-272 moves smoothly through 100mm of travel, and you can also enjoy some rotational adjustment at the clamp to get your saddle dialed in to perfection. The KG remote is made of carbon to keep the grams from adding up, and the internal routing keeps your setup clean and snag free.

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