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Knog Blinder Mob Eyeballer Front Light

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Knog Blinder Mob Eyeballer Front Light
Knog Blinder Mob Eyeballer Front Light description:
The engineers at Knog, based just outside of Melbourne, Australia, are no strangers to fast-paced commutes on busy, narrow streets. We'd imagine their experiences in a major metropolitan area are part of what inspired the brand to create a line of bike lights specifically dedicated to the safety of urban cyclists. The Blinder Mob Eyeballer Front Light is a part of that line, and the tiny light -- weighing just 35g -- emits up to 80 lumens visible from 1,000 meters to help keep motorists aware of your presence. Knog purposefully designed the light to only activate after a long button push to prevent you from turning it on and draining battery unintentionally, and it includes two interchangeable silicone straps to mount the light to a traditional or aerodynamic seat post. The Eyeballer's lithium battery lasts anywhere from eight hours to over 70 hours and is easy to recharge with its integrated USB plug.

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