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Klymit Stash 18L Backpack

item #KLT0015
Price: $54.95
Sale Price: $41.21
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Klymit Stash 18L Backpack
Klymit Stash 18L Backpack description:
Equipped for grueling treks over high-altitude expanses and intense rides across technical trails, the Klymit Stash 18 Backpack handily carries your nutritional needs, hydration requirements, and other necessities when you're traveling fast through the wilderness. The hydration-compatible design accommodates a wide range of reservoirs (not included) for convenient on-the-go drinking. Also, there's a strap-accessible pocket for quickly grabbing and stashing gear and energy supplements. Most impressive, the Airframe suspension uses the same technology found in Klymit's sleeping pads, supporting the pack's weight while ergonomically conforming to your body. This inflatable suspension system comes with an integrated hand pump, adjusting the pressure to your precise needs and load requirements. Ultimately, this inflatable suspension provides a supportive structure for heavy loads, easing the burden of carrying the pack over rough terrain.

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