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Klymit Motion 60L Backpack

item #KLT000J
Price: $164.95
Sale Price: $148.62
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Klymit Motion 60L Backpack
Klymit Motion 60L Backpack description:
Klymit's Motion 60 Backpack was designed for overnight summit bids and multi-day backpacking adventures. The pack sports Klymit's Air Frame technology, meaning the pack is supported by a pressurized air frame sheet that can be quickly adjusted with just a quick pump. Not only does the frame sheet keep the pack comfortable against the back, but it is lighter than traditional aluminum stays, so you end up hauling less weight and covering more ground with less effort. In terms of design, the Motion 60 is fairly simple, with a cavernous main compartment that will hold around 55 pounds of gear, and a single zippered top pocket that offers an additional five liters of storage space. The pack is hydration-compatible, but it also has two stretch side pockets where water bottles can be stashed for easy access when you're on the trail.

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