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Klattermusen Grip 60L Backpack

item #KLA001T
Price: $449.95 Buy Klattermusen Grip 60L Backpack
Klattermusen Grip 60L Backpack
Klattermusen Grip 60L Backpack description:
Hiking the long, sandy miles of the Lost Coast can be tough, but Klattermusen's Grip Backpack takes your mind of the weight on your back so you can enjoy the salty air smells. Most packs put too much weight on the muscles, often producing blistered hot spots on the hips and neckline, but Klattermusen's Carry on Bone system puts the load on your skeletal structure, allowing you to stay fresh for beach yoga and pre-hike disc tossing. But don't get too distracted and let that pesky otter family sneak into the Grip and steal your gear you've been collecting all day.

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