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Korkers Dark Horse Wading Boot - Men's

item #KKR000O
Price: $179.99 Buy Korkers Dark Horse Wading Boot - Men's
Korkers Dark Horse Wading Boot - Men's
Korkers Dark Horse Wading Boot - Men's description:
There are rivers where a felt-soled boot is essential to staying upright when you wade deeper into the river, and there are others where a lugged sole is the preferred weapon of choice when stepping through slick river slime and polished gravel. The Korkers Dark Horse Men's Wading Boot gives you the ability to adapt to either scenario thanks to its OmniTrax interchangeable sole system. A felt sole provides superior traction when the river bottom is mossy and slick, and the lugged rubber sole makes short work of gravely banks and sandy river bottoms. A quick and secure Boa dial closure system keeps these boots tight around your feet when confronted with the constant pull and tug of the river's current, and the internal drainage system allows water to quickly exit the boot as you walk upstream to the next run.

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