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Korkers Hatchback Wading Boot - Men's

item #KKR000N
Price: $239.99 Buy Korkers Hatchback Wading Boot - Men's
Korkers Hatchback Wading Boot - Men's
Korkers Hatchback Wading Boot - Men's description:
You might not be sure whether you should fish a size 14 Adams or a size 16 comparadun, but at least you'll be sure about your footing when you wear the Korkers Men's Hatchback Wading Boot. The interchangeable sole system gives you the grip you need whether you're walking on sandy river bottoms, slime-covered river rocks, or late-season moss--just detach the rear lock latch, snap the clips into place, and secure the sole that will work best for the type of river you'll be fishing in that day. When you exit the river, the boot's quick-drying upper sheds water quickly thanks to hydrophobic materials and an internal drainage system that prevents water from getting stuck inside the boot.

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