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Korkers K-5 Bomber Wading Boot

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Korkers K-5 Bomber Wading Boot
Korkers K-5 Bomber Wading Boot description:
There's a reason Korkers named these boots the K-5 Bomber Wading Boots. With a hydrophobic triple-layer synthetic upper, molded toe and heel cap, and protected stitching, these boots were built for anglers who spend every ounce of their free time on the river. Utilizing Korkers' innovative OmniTrax interchangeable sole system, the soles of the boots can be switched out to accommodate the season or river you're fishing for the day. Not only that, but by switching out the soles, the chance of spreading invasive species to other rivers and waterways is greatly reduced. In order to optimize comfort, Korkers developed its 5-ply fit system. The system locks the foot into place and supports the ankles for a secure fit when wading in strong currents. An internal drainage system allows water to drain through ports in the midsole reducing the amount of water weight you have to carry around.

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