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Kinetic Smart Control Power Unit

item #KIN000M
Price: $449.00
Sale Price: $359.20
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Kinetic Smart Control Power Unit
Kinetic Smart Control Power Unit description:
Say you're an aspiring racer. Say this last season has been your most lucrative, results-wise, and you're looking to carry your best-ever form over into next season. By adding the Smart Control Power Unit to your standard Kinetic Rock and Roll or Road Machine trainer, you'll be adding a powerful tool to your winter trainer sessions. Namely, the ability to measure power, which pairs with Bluetooth Smart connectivity to more effectively translate the gradients of pre-mapped training plans and virtual cycling apps into resistance, which in turn will help better translate your winter training sessions to spring results. Though it's compatible with a range of training apps, the Smart Control Power Unit ships with a complimentary six-month subscription to Kinetic's own Kinetic Fit app. You'll be able to take advantage of this almost immediately, as the unit is self-contained and just bolts onto the trainer frame, so you won't have to ask your engineer cousin to help you mount the damned thing. The Kinetic Smart software is available for both Apple and Android devices.

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