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Kinetic Road Machine Smart Control Trainer

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Kinetic Road Machine Smart Control Trainer
Kinetic Road Machine Smart Control Trainer description:
Infuse some extra motivation into your winter training regimen with Kinetic's Road Machine Smart Control Trainer. Taking the form of a traditional wheel-on trainer and stealthily outfitted with Bluetooth Smart capability, the Road Machine lets you connect to a variety of third party apps, including Zwift and Trainerroad for a more interactive indoor ride experience. As an added touch, it comes packaged with its own quick-release trainer skewer so you ride assured that your race skewers will remain unscratched.Kinetic's Road Resistance Unit boasts a stainless steel roller with a beefy 2. 5in (6. 35cm) diameter, which is a good bit larger than much of the competition. The larger roller means less wear on your tire and it reduces the temperature of the spinning elements. The right side has a 6. 25-pound (2. 84kg) flywheel, one of the heaviest around, that gives the satisfying feeling of momentum when you're spinning up to speed, holding speed, and slowing down. On the left side is a unique two-part fluid resistance unit, which is the heart of their system. As with all trainers, this system builds heat as your ride -- your energy has to go somewhere (in this case friction). To counteract this, Kinetic adds an internal fan and 80 cooling fins on the outside that act like radiator fins. It's impossible to overheat the chamber or reach a point where performance is diminished. The silicone fluid retains its physical properties, even up to the normal operating temperature of 325 degrees F when riding 25mph, resulting in a consistent road-like power curve that increases as your speed increases.

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