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Kelty Low-Love Mesh Seat

item #KEL008H
Price: $99.95 Buy Kelty Low-Love Mesh Seat
Kelty Low-Love Mesh Seat
Kelty Low-Love Mesh Seat description:
Your dog has just discovered the joys of sitting in a collapsible camp chair. However, Fido would really prefer to be cozied up next to you rather than clear across the campground, so queue up the Kelty Low-Love Mesh Seat. Designed to seat two humans or one human and one dog (or two dogs and a squished human), the Low-Love Seat is every camping aficionado's (and dog's) dream come true. As its name suggests, this chair accommodates multiple derrieres (both fluffy and human) and features a steel frame that's durable and collapsible for your convenience. The slightly reclined design maintains a seriously comfortable feel that you and Fido will both love, while the arm rests are totally adjustable, allowing you to customize the fit as a headrest for Fido. Not to mention, the two insulated beverage holders provide cozy respite for those frosty beverages, or dog treats in Fido's case.

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