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Kelty Tuck 20 Sleeping Bag - Women's

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Price: $89.95 Buy Kelty Tuck 20 Sleeping Bag - Women's
Kelty Tuck 20 Sleeping Bag - Women's
Kelty Tuck 20 Sleeping Bag - Women's description:
Waking when you're too warm is okay when you're at home because you can just flip your leg out of the blanket, but that's more challenging if you don't have a camping bag like the Kelty Women's Tuck 20 Sleeping Bag. Its unique Comfort Tuck Zipper wraps around the bag just above the footbox so you can untuck your feet. The pin-up feature allows you to pin the footbox up and walk around the campsite without the bag getting dirty. Like any of Kelty's high-quality sleeping bags, the Tuck features a ThermaPro synthetic insulation that feels light and lofty like down, except it'll stay warm even if you happen to get it wet. The adjustable hood customizes coverage, and there's a pocket designed specifically for smartphones.

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