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Kelty Revol 65L Backpack

item #KEL007E
Price: $219.95 Buy Kelty Revol 65L Backpack
Kelty Revol 65L Backpack
Kelty Revol 65L Backpack description:
There's something truly rewarding about stuffing the sheer necessities into the Kelty Revol 65L Backpack and hitting the trails for a few days of boundless exploration. Built for backpacking, the Revol combines Kelty's heritage performance with modern design and offers you the best of both worlds. Revol's streamlined design provides an aesthetically pleasing look, and also cuts down on any unnecessary weight. The aluminum and HDPE frame is lightweight, yet sturdy, ensuring your load is well-supported as you trek through densely wooded or sparse terrain alike, while the Kinesis Hipbelt is totally adjustable and flexible, promoting unobstructed mobility. Additionally, the Revol is equipped with all the classic and necessary backpacking features, ranging from the top-loading design, organization pockets, compression straps, and trekking pole loops. However, unique to the Revol is the trap door sleeping bag compartment (hello snooze town), external hydration sleeve, and dual pick-up handles, which are designed to make hustling around camp easy as pulling on a pair of fresh, dry socks.

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