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Catlike Kitten Kids' Helmet

item #KAT0021
Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $34.96
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Catlike Kitten Kids' Helmet
Catlike Kitten Kids' Helmet description:
Your pint-sized rider might not always land on all fours, but the Catlike Kitten Kids' Helmet will protect her when she mistakes the pavement for a pile of pillows. The Kitten might be small, but its polycarbonate shell and polystyrene foam offer protection that's comparable to adult brain buckets, and the dial fit adjustment is the same method Catlike uses to nail the fit on its full-sized helmets. The Kitten is fully certified, so there's no doubt it'll work, and it's also loaded up with vents to keep your young gun's growing gray matter from boiling over.

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