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Catlike Leaf 2c Helmet

item #KAT000R
Price: $129.95 Buy Catlike Leaf 2c Helmet
Catlike Leaf 2c Helmet
Catlike Leaf 2c Helmet description:
Combining all the features of the original Leaf and then converting it into a high-quality mountain bike helmet, the Catlike Leaf 2c Helmet brings you reliable protection and cool, breathable comfort thanks to the improvements in structure from the double-case construction. The use of this double-case technology during the injection process gives the Leaf 2C better impact absorption in the lower area of the helmet, which is normally a very sensitive area prone to hits, while the MPS Evo 4-points adjustment system delivers just the right fit for any head size or shape. This retention system includes a wheel adjustment, side ergonomic adjustment, height adjustment, and rear adjustment to cover all of your bases ensuring a secure, snug fit. A lower rear structure fully protects the nape of your neck, a common impact area for mountain bikers, and 23 vents throughout promote continuously cooling airflow for relief on hotter days. Plus, the visor helps shield dazzling rays on cloudless rides, while an anti-insect net keeps pesky bugs at bay.

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