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Catlike Forza 2.0 Helmet

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Catlike Forza 2.0 Helmet
Catlike Forza 2.0 Helmet description:
Catlike's first ever convertible helmet, the Forza 2. 0 Helmet features a snap-on chin bar that transitions from breathable trail riding lid for climbing and all-around riding to full-on, full-face enduro protection for white-knuckle, technical descending. The versatility of the Forza 2. 0 bike helmets is achieved thanks to the Triangle Security System, which allows you to attach and remove the chin strap quickly and easily. The chin strap provides crucial protection around the lower part of your face--an area sensitive to impacts in downhill riding--from crashes at the high speeds you're sure to reach on steep terrain, while its removal enables a low-key, breathable design that works perfectly for mellow trail rides. Giving you just the right fit, the unique Boa wire retention system ensures a precise and secure fit for movement-free comfort and protection. Since punishing yourself on your bike is incredibly demanding, its no wonder that when you overheat symptoms of fatigue, dizziness, and even dehydration potentially follow. So, Catlike integrated the Dual Flow system for maximum ventilation. Dual Flow works with 39 strategically-placed vents that work together with the internal channels to promote a constant inflow of air directly to the interior of the helmet and your head. With comfort and protection covered, let's not forget the hygenic qualities--or lack thereof--that are impossible to ignore in your helmet after a grueling day riding. Fighting the funk, Catlike instituted Thermy-Tex, which is a permanent anti-bacterial and hyper-absorbent treatment that interrupts the development and reproduction of bacteria. It also stops the formation of odors and absorbs sweat quickly mid-ride, while maintaining a washable design that promises to get every last drop of nastiness out at the end of the day.

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