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Catlike Olula Helmet

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Catlike Olula Helmet
Catlike Olula Helmet description:
Retaining the unique design that we've all come to expect from Catlike, the Olula is conceived for amateur cyclists looking for a high-quality helmet that's as big on comfort as it is on protection. The Olula features an EPS + PPE construction, which delivers an extraordinarily light and resistant design with thermal and antibacterial insulation from the EPS side, while the eco-friendly, versatile, and flexible PPE plastic foam helps this helmet withstand multiple impacts without damage. Then, the MPS eVo retention system optimizes the comfort of the helmet thanks to its four-points adjustment system and adapts to any head size, while a Dual Flow ventilation design uses a whopping 39 vents to keep cool airflow continually circulating to prevent overheating. Keeping safety at the forefront of its design, the Olula's air intakes have been strategically positioned so that any impact will affect more than one nerve. This design is called Safety Crash Energy Splitter (CES) and works in the event of a crash by spreading the impact's energy throughout the honeycomb-type structure to significantly reduce a concentrated impact to any one area. While the CES system distributes impact, the Shock-Absorption System (SAS) uses expanded polystyrene in the helmet's forefront for better absorption of impacts. Then, Thermy-Tex fights nasty smells and bacteria by interrupting the development and reproduction of bacteria. It also stops the formation of odors and absorbs sweat quickly mid-ride, while maintaining a washable design that promises to get every last drop of nastiness out at the end of the day.

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