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Catlike Mixino Helmet - Men's

item #KAT000E
Price: $289.95
Sale Price: $160.00
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Catlike Mixino Helmet - Men's
Catlike Mixino Helmet - Men's description:
The first thing you notice when looking at the Catlike Mixino, or any other Catlike helmet, really, is the completely unconventional shell and vent layout. Buried inside that shell, though, is where the real magic sits. Keeping your head protected is always priority number one for a helmet, with keeping your head cool a close second. Catlike forms the Mixino around an Aramid cage it calls the Crash Energy Splitter, which does just what it says. In the event of a crash, the cage is designed to maintain the helmet's structural integrity by dispersing the energy throughout. In addition, Catlike extended the protection for the back of your head beyond what many other manufacturers offer, and it's integrated what it calls MPS eVo, a micro-adjusting fit system that ensures a proper helmet fit. And about that keeping cool priority --Catlike's got that one covered with 39 individual vents, and airflow channels with rear-facing exhaust ports to keep air moving the right direction.

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