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Kali Protectives Maraka Road Helmet

item #KAP000F
Price: $159.95 Buy Kali Protectives Maraka Road Helmet
Kali Protectives Maraka Road Helmet
Kali Protectives Maraka Road Helmet description:
Kali's a name you know from their ultra-protective trail helmets and full-faces, but they've now applied that technology to a road line. The Maraka was designed to keep your head safe, while also making sure you stay as cool as possible. The helmet features a stunning 25 vents, oriented in a variety of ways, so that air passes in, over and off your head, no matter how fast you're traveling. Embedded in the polystyrene layer of the helmet are EPS foam cones, which are designed to disperse impact energy, and direct it away from your head in the event of a crash. Kali are the only company using this technology, and claim that it allows them to make a lighter, stronger, safer helmet.

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