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Juliana Roubion 2.1 Carbon CC Mountain Bike Frame - 2018

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Price: $999.99 Buy Juliana Roubion 2.1 Carbon CC Mountain Bike Frame - 2018
Juliana Roubion 2.1 Carbon CC Mountain Bike Frame - 2018
Juliana Roubion 2.1 Carbon CC Mountain Bike Frame - 2018 description:
Mountain biking can take you on some absolutely stunning and incredible adventures, but once in a while, it can trap you in some heart-palpitating storms far from any shelter, in rough and rocky places, being pelted with hail while you nervously count the seconds between lightning strikes and thunder. When your adventures take you to places that the faint of heart avoid at all costs, you need a burly bike that will carry you through the quest without hindering you. Designed so you never have to worry about whether your bike can handle the next rock garden ahead, the Juliana Roubion 2. 1 Carbon CC Mountain Bike Frame is hungry for steep downhills, big hits, drops, and getting rowdy. With long and slack geometry, 150mm of VPP suspension, and 27. 5in wheels, it's no wonder you feel so bombproof descending through chunder and shale on a Roubion. An essential piece to the puzzle in an aggressive all-mountain bike is the balance of slacked geometry with a pedal friendly suspension platform. The Roubion achieves this pedal-ability in a long bike by pairing their super slack 66-degree head tube with a steeper 74-degree seat tube, so you won't have a problem staying forward when climbing, so you can lay down maximum power, and reduce the ever-dreaded pedal bob. This steep seat tube angle also helps you keep your upper body in the perfect attack position for sharp corners, or rocky and rooty descents, so you have ultimate control in tracking in tough lines. To contrast, the slack 66-degree head tube angle stretches out your wheelbase for a long ride that lends its self to smoothness and stability descending. The Roubion is a beefier bike that can handle larger blows than the Furtado or Joplin, but find its self in a happy medium with a little less travel and more efficient pedaling than Juliana's new super enduro beast, the Strega. Juliana harnesses VPP to smooth out the chunky rocks you encounter on the Roubion, and with their FOX Float Factory DPX Kashima rear shoc...

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