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Juliana Furtado 2.1 Carbon CC Mountain Bike Frame - 2018

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Price: $999.99 Buy Juliana Furtado 2.1 Carbon CC Mountain Bike Frame - 2018
Juliana Furtado 2.1 Carbon CC Mountain Bike Frame - 2018
Juliana Furtado 2.1 Carbon CC Mountain Bike Frame - 2018 description:
While many riders feel the need to have numerous bikes hanging in the garage for a number of riding disciplines and trail ecosystems, the Juliana Furtado 2. 1 Carbon CC Mountain Bike Frame gives you the closest thing to a one-bike solution for anything the trail throws your way. Its lively handling traits, efficient pedaling platform, and exceptionally light Carbon CC frame make the Furtado stand out as an exceptional choice in an increasingly crowded trail category. Ultimately, it's a fun-focused bike for the rider preferring a razor-sharp instrument that still handles steep and rowdy lines, albeit requiring a bit more skill from the rider. A shorter-travel trail bike with 130-millimeters of VPP suspension, the Furtado brings a playful personality to tamer trails where burlier enduro bikes would mute incoming feedback and become a snore-fest, especially when you're seeking a spirited ride. This particular frame benefits from Juliana's Carbon CC lay-up saving approximately 280 grams (that's almost 10 ounces for the non-metric riders!) without sacrificing its legendary stiffness or strength. As you'd expect from Juliana's female-tailored philosophy, the included Fox Float Factory DPS shock is tuned specifically for the needs of lighter female riders. This makes it feel more sensitive as you track over bumpy sections of rocks and roots, helping you gain traction and clean technical trail sections. The VPP suspension retains the previous version's revised linkage placement, meaning the upper link connects to the top tube for a stiffer overall design with greater stand-over clearance for shorter riders. The lower links sit neatly above the bottom bracket, staying safe from flinging rocks and punishing debris on the trail. With this redesign, Juliana aimed to give the VPP suspension heightened sensitivity to small bumps while flattening the suspension curve for a more predictable feel--without the older model's tendency to settle in the middle of its travel. It's sti...

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