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Juliana Joplin 2.0 Carbon 29 S Complete Mountain Bike - 2017

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Price: $999.99 Buy Juliana Joplin 2.0 Carbon 29 S Complete Mountain Bike - 2017
Juliana Joplin 2.0 Carbon 29 S Complete Mountain Bike - 2017
Juliana Joplin 2.0 Carbon 29 S Complete Mountain Bike - 2017 description:
Representing the grand finale of a trail-shredding tale of wagon wheel proportions, the 2017 Juliana Joplin 2. 0 Carbon 29 S Complete Mountain Bike arrives on the scene ready to rock and roll. This Joplin stays true to the sprightly heritage of its predecessor while taking inspiration from its genre-defining twin, the Santa Cruz Tallboy. The end result is expanded capability with modern touches like Boost spacing, enduro-inspired suspension links, and Santa Cruz's versatile flip chip. The notable difference between the Joplin and the Tallboy is in the shock tune, with the former lightening up a bit to allow lighter riders full access to the bike's 4. 5in of responsive VPP travel. The flip chip, however, is a notable similarity. It sits in the upper link and can be rotated to allow the shock mount to migrate. Being able to reposition the shock attachment point effectively accounts for the 9mm difference in radii between 27. 5+ and 29in tires, keeping the geometry as static as possible across wheel sizes. The latest Joplin is Juliana's first use of Santa Cruz's flip chip, which originally debuted on the Hightower. If that model was its testing ground, then the flip chip has moved one step closer to perfection with the Joplin. While changing the Hightower results in a slight change in head tube angle, the Joplin's head tube stays constant with either size wheel. Compared to the previous Joplin, the newest model takes just a bit off the top of the head tube, dropping 2. 2 degrees to fall from the standard 70. 2 to a moderately slack 68 degrees. Courtesy of the Flip Chip's slight geometry alteration, that number stays the same whether you're running 29in wheels with a 120mm fork or 27. 5+ with 130mm of front travel. The frame's chainstays and reach also join the modern geometry movement; the stays are shorter by 13. 3mm and the reach bumps up dramatically, resulting in a chassis that's far more capable in virtually every trail situation than its predecessor. The VP...

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