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Juliana Joplin 2.0 Carbon 29 R2 Complete Mountain Bike - 2017

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Price: $999.99 Buy Juliana Joplin 2.0 Carbon 29 R2 Complete Mountain Bike - 2017
Juliana Joplin 2.0 Carbon 29 R2 Complete Mountain Bike - 2017
Juliana Joplin 2.0 Carbon 29 R2 Complete Mountain Bike - 2017 description:
Reinvigorated with aggressive geometry updates and the option to switch between 29- and 27. 5+-inch wheels, the 2017 Juliana Joplin 2. 0 Carbon 29 R2 Complete Mountain Bike offers near-effortless obstacle rollover, snappy cornering capabilities, and confident descending. In its 29-inch form, the Joplin 2. 0 is a highly capable XC whip that's well mannered on technical trails, thanks to its slackened 68 degree head tube angle and longer front end. Shorter chainstays promote agile handling when you're picking across rock gardens and negotiating tight switchbacks. Following suit, the Joplin 2. 0's lower standover height gives female riders more control and maneuverability than ever. This particular version of the Joplin 2. 0 has a C-level carbon frame, which is exceptionally stiff and strong for riders thrashing their bikes on a regular basis. The frame's stiffness directly translates into uncompromising acceleration when you're bursting out of corners and hammering up climbs. Based off the Santa Cruz Tallboy, you'll find the same flip chip mechanism that allows you to swap 29 inch wheels for the terrain-gobbling goodness of 27. 5+-inch bruisers. To do this, Juliana recommends swapping out the stock 120mm fork for a longer 130mm option. Switching between wheel sizes has virtually no effect on the Joplin 2. 0's slackened geometry and nimble handling. To accommodate the wider 27. 5+ wheels, the front and rear thru-axles benefit from the addition of Boost. Not only does Boost create ample clearance for the fatter tires of 27. 5+, but more importantly, it rids 29-inch wheels of the extra flex exhibited by its predecessor. Sitting at the heart and soul of this trail-taming machine, the Joplin 2. 0 benefits from the reworked VPP suspension platform of its Santa Cruz brethren, such as the Bronson, 5010, and Tallboy. There's a stiffer box-style upper link and cleanly recessed lower link that prevents rock strikes when you're riding across loose, rock-strewn trails. Ju...

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