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Juliana Primiero Saddle

item #JLI000C
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Juliana Primiero Saddle
Juliana Primiero Saddle description:
Lady posteriors are different than dude posteriors, so a saddle that's made for guys won't work as well for gals. Obvious' Maybe, but the Juliana Primiero Women's Saddle is somehow still one of the women's-specific MTB saddles on the market. Made with a wider shape than men's saddles, the Primiero is designed to support women's sit bones, but it's not so wide that it will interfere with your pedaling and movement in the saddle. The flex-tuned composite shell flexes to save your sensitive bits from getting banged up, but is stiff enough to support aggressive pedaling, and low-profile padding offers gentle cushioning where you need it. An anatomical center channel helps reduce pressure, chromoly rails keep it locked on to your seat post, and the Kevlar-reinforced cover is smooth, sleek, and seriously durable.

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