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Jetboil Grande Java Cup Kit

item #JET001R
Price: $64.95 Buy Jetboil Grande Java Cup Kit
Jetboil Grande Java Cup Kit
Jetboil Grande Java Cup Kit description:
Effortlessly transform your JetBoil burner into a portable coffee maker with the JetBoil Grande Java Kit. This kit brews delicious coffee on wilderness treks and camping outings with the use of your JetBoil burner (not included). It comes with a 1. 8 liter FluxRing cooking cup with insulated cozy to protect your hands, Grande Press for brewing french press coffee, drink-through lid with pour spout and strainer, bottom cover that doubles as a measuring cup/bowl, and Green Mountain Coffee sample pack. As a convenient bonus, it stores your 100g Jetpower fuel canister, JetBoil burner, fuel canister stabilizer, and pot support for compact packing.

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