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Jetboil FlashLite Personal Cooking System

item #JET001E
Price: $99.95 Buy Jetboil FlashLite Personal Cooking System
Jetboil FlashLite Personal Cooking System
Jetboil FlashLite Personal Cooking System description:
As the lightest JetBoil System available, the FlashLite Personal Cooking System appeals to ultralight backpackers with its pint-sized design and powerful 4500 BTU output. Tipping the scales at a mere eleven ounces, the FlashLite saves approximately three ounces from the larger Flash Cooking System, courtesy of a redesigned 0. 8-liter FluxRing cooking cup, insulated cozy, adjustable burner, lightweight lid, and bottom cover. For convenient storage in your pack, all individual pieces fit into the 0. 8-liter FluxRing cooking cup, with the burner attaching to the cup for a solid one-piece design. Like the Flash Cooking System, the FlashLite packs many of the great features you've come to associate with JetBoil Cooking Systems, including an insulated cooking cup, FluxRing heat exchange system, adjustable burner, and push-button ignition system. JetBoil's FluxRing heat exchange maintains an even heating platform, so you can boil water quickly and rapidly cook meals without scorching one area, only to under cook another. Please note, you'll want to purchase a separately available pot support if you plan on using this cooking system with pots and pans in the backcountry. It's compatible with JetBoil fuel canisters (sold separately) operating on mixed propane/isobutane, which enhances performance in colder weather.

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