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JanSport Shotwell 30L Backpack

item #JAN003P
Price: $79.95 Buy JanSport Shotwell 30L Backpack
JanSport Shotwell 30L Backpack
JanSport Shotwell 30L Backpack description:
The JanSport Shotwell Backpack is for the person who takes a large serving of adventure with their work or vice-versa. Doubling down as a great urban commuter and trail daypack, the Shotwell's ideal day includes a long homework session at your favorite coffee shop, followed in quick succession by an escape into the forested hills to soak in the fresh air and healing greenery. The Shotwell features a 15-inch laptop sleeve that keeps your computer separate from your climbing shoes and chalk bag or sweaty running clothes, so you can separate business from pleasure under one zipper.

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