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JanSport Mesh 33L Backpack

item #JAN002A
Price: $29.95
Sale Price: $23.96
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JanSport Mesh 33L Backpack
JanSport Mesh 33L Backpack description:
Sunglasses' Check. Flip-flops' Check. Sunscreen' Check. Popsicle money' Check. Soggy swimsuit and towel from the pool' Um, ew, you don't want to put that soggy mess in some ordinary backpack--enter the Jansport Mesh Pack, which just happens to be perfect for waterslide warriors, beachgoers, and people who just like being able to see all their cool stuff. One hanging internal pocket can be used to stash your phone and keys, while items like sunnies can be kept handy in the front utility pocket. The entire pack is composed of polyester mesh, so your wet gear can dry on your longboard ride, instead of turning your regular backpack into a mini steam room.

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