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JanSport Hensley 31L Backpack

item #JAN000W
Price: $79.95 Buy JanSport Hensley 31L Backpack
JanSport Hensley 31L Backpack
JanSport Hensley 31L Backpack description:
As much as you hate to admit it, it's time to get yourself back to school, and while your backpacking pack has served you well over the summer, it might be overkill for class. The Jansport Hensley Backpack will carry everything you need for a full day of classes with compartments for your books, laptop, and papers. The pack is fitted with a large main compartment, a secondary drawstring access compartment, and it has multiple zippered pockets along the front of the pack to keep all of your smaller items secure and organized. To keep the pack comfortable while you hoof it across campus, the Hensley has a padded back panel and S-curve shoulder straps, so your back will be fresh and ready for a full hour in those oh-so comfortable plastic chairs.

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