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JanSport Envoy 26L Backpack

item #JAN000G
Price: $64.95 Buy JanSport Envoy 26L Backpack
JanSport Envoy 26L Backpack
JanSport Envoy 26L Backpack description:
The Jansport Envoy Backpack is ideal for tech-savvy students and professionals who desire a pack to safely store high-tech goodies and daily items. This pack features a top-loading 15-inch laptop compartment for easy loading and retrieval, preventing you from painstakingly unloading your entire pack just to reach your laptop. In addition to the laptop compartment, this pack sports a tricot-lined tablet sleeve that won't damage your scratch-prone lcd screen. A variety of front organizer pockets hold school necessities, snacks, and daily items in a neat, organized fashion, and the internal cord organizer keeps chargers and earbud cables from tangling into an unruly mess inside your pack.

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